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Bible Challenge

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I haven't shared much in the last few weeks. I got caught up in the day to day busyness and some extra life struggles and didn't do my daily readings. I know this is the enemy's way of distracting us. Scripture and prayer help us build our relationship with Christ, it is no wonder that when we engage in those practices regularly that the devil seeks opportunities to derail us. I refuse to let him win. I have been reading extra each day so that I can get caught up. This morning I read Acts 1 - 8.

I know we can make excuses for not having time to read scripture, but I remember my mom (I'm kid number 5 out of 6) who sat and read His Word daily. I know now how much intentionality that took for her. There was also my Dad. When I was little I would love to wake up early, when it was still dark out, and crawl into my dad's lap as he read each morning. As long as I stayed quiet I was allowed to join him. It was my favorite time with him. I want to provide that for my kids as well. I want them to look back and know Mom put God first, even above them, but by doing so produced patience, love, and gentleness.


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