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Welcome Back for Semester 2 at Arrows!

The first half of the year was full of blessings. We are excited for what the new year will bring.

We had acting, improv, logic, Spanish, math games, PE, science, literature, history, crafts and more last semester. This new season brings even more!

It took a lot to be willing and share this photo. Why wasn't everyone making a silly face!?

It has been a joy to serve with so many amazing parents. Thank you for sharing your education journey with us.

Some important things before January 22nd

We have electives to choose from for older kids as well as 2nd semester tuition due. Please read carefully and contact me ASAP with your student's selection.

Life Skills Class 5th Grade and Up

Engineering with Legos 3rd Grade and Up

2nd Semester Tuition

2024-25 School Year


Life Skills for 5th Grade and Up

Natashia Nelson will be leading this class with Kim Cook and Crystal Vas Dias. A wide variety of skills will be covered including: sewing, changing a tire, basic first aid, CPR, baking, jam making and for old students how to make a resume and applying for a job.

This is a chance for your student to explore different areas of needed skills for adulthood.

Please notify Cherish by Friday, January 19th if your student wants to do the Life Skills class.

Engineering with Legos for 3rd Grade and Up

Rebekah Fairbanks will be leading this class with the assistance of Sarena Lorona. Students will be given different tasks to accomplish using Legos. Older students (8th and up) that choose to participate in this class will be Project Managers. They will be given a team of younger students to work with and lead them to build the assigned model.

This is an environment where students will be able to work with their hands and show of their creative skills.

Please notify Cherish by Friday, January 19th if your student wants to do the Life Skills class.

2nd Semester Tuition

Tuition is used to pay for craft supplies, literature books, science experiments, celebrations and scholarships. We are working on plans to bless Heart of the City with something lasting that will benefit with church and Arrows. We are hoping to have that put together and completed before the 2024-25 school year.

Tuition is due the first day of the 2nd semester. If payment is difficult for you please contact Julie Cooper or Cherish Hammer to work out another arrangement. You are able to pay online with card or in person with cash or check (payable to HOCC).

2024-25 School Year

Please be thinking about the coming school year. We will be opening up registration for current families soon and shortly after opening it up to new families. If you are interested in teaching a specific subject or age it is best to contact me ASAP with wanting to return and the area you are interested in being involved. The current school year had an abundance of moms wanting to be with Kinder - 1st grade and we could not accommodate all of those wanting that class.

Our policy is first come, first placement.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into making Arrows a possibility. You are truly appreciated.

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Unknown member
Jan 16

Life skills for Olenka please. See you on Monday 🤩

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