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Arrows Board Update

Saturday evening we had 10 people in attendance: Julie, Brook, Annelise, Katherine, Rachel, Caitlin, Anneliese, Lauren, myself and our HOTC liaison, Jilann. This meeting was regarding the formation of the Arrows Board.

It was decided that we should not do an election this year as we are still working through a lot of the details.

The following positions were appointed: 

President - Cherish Hammer

VP - Brook Quaale

Secretary - Rachel Reichenberg 

Treasurer - Julie Cooper

Field Trips - Anneliese Lokken

Celebrations & Hospitality - Annelise Stranberg

Onboarding - Katherine MacPherson


How can you be involved more?

It was also agreed that whenever possible a parent should not be doubling up on responsibilities. A great example of this is Julie. This current school year she was Team Lead of the 5th - 7th grade class, treasurer and planning field trips. Though Julie is incredible and capable of a lot, these many roles stretched her thin and she was unable to do all of them to her full potential. Likewise, I have found myself in the same position over the last few years. With this in mind we would like Team Leads to be positions held by parents who are not on the board. 

With seven age groups and seven board members this means we will need a total of 14 parents in leadership positions. Responsibilities include: lesson planning, helping others lesson plan, managing the volunteer schedule, handling call outs and subs, organizing set up and clean up, and communication with the parents of the students. Please prayerfully consider stepping into a Team Lead position. We need parents who not only enjoy that age group, but also love leading other parents.

We want to encourage all parents to think about the unique ways God has gifted you.

Do you love field trips?

Join Anneliese Lokken's team.

Is hospitality something that brings you joy?

Contact Annelise Stranberg. 


Registration will be opening to current Arrows families next week.

It is important to be thinking about how God has called you to be involved in Arrows. Registration will open to new families in April, we fill up fast so it is essential you know soon what your family will be doing next year. 


Regarding Co-op tomorrow, February 12th:

If you have magazines you are okay with being cut up please bring them for the 3rd - 4th grade class.



If you haven't already please download the Arrows App on your phone.

This is a great way to be more connected and informed about what is happening each and every week at Arrows.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening,


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